The VJC Archives: Moving Forward, Appreciating the Past

For over forty years, VJC has preserved performances of historically significant jazz artists. Founding director Attila Zoller was keenly aware of the importance of his place in the fabric of the jazz lineage. In his collection of reel-to-reel tapes, one finds recordings of him making music with jazz legends such as Joe Chambers, Pat Metheny, Paul Bley, Al Haig, Wilber Little, Charlie Haden, Fred Hersch, Scott LaFaro, and Ornette Coleman.

The VJC continues Zoller’s tradition of recognizing that events of historical significance are taking place in our venue on a regular basis. Using the best technology we can afford, we have filmed, recorded and digitally stored hundreds of concerts. We have also been the recipients of CDs and books including collections from the estates of Dr. Howard Brofsky and Lou Kannenstine (collector and CEO of Boxholder Records).

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